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wel­co­me to the web­site of the non-pro­fit asso­cia­ti­on KLIMA° vor acht e.V. (trans­la­tes into cli­ma­te befo­re 8pm).
This web­page sum­ma­ri­ses the aims of our grass­root pro­ject in Eng­lish and pro­vi­des links to other con­tent in Ger­man and to pages with con­ta­ct infor­ma­ti­on. From this page, we hope you can navi­ga­te around our web­site. You didn’t find some­thing you were loo­king for? Then plea­se email us on, we will try and get back to you as soon as pos­si­ble. Plea­se bear with us while we are making more pages acces­si­ble in English.

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Why KLIMA° vor acht?

More and more peop­le are direct­ly affec­ted by the ever-advan­cing cli­ma­te cri­sis. Busi­ness and eco­no­mics topics get a lot of atten­ti­on and the best broad­cas­ting slots. Take the Ger­man public broad­cas­ting cor­po­ra­ti­ons con­sor­ti­um ARD as an examp­le. It pro­du­ces the news pro­gram­me “Die Tages­schau” dai­ly at 8pm. Just befo­re the Tages­schau, the dai­ly short pro­gram­me “Bör­se vor Acht”  has been repor­ting news from the world of stock mar­kets for two deca­des. Isn’t it time to pro­vi­de equal­ly com­pre­hen­si­ve infor­ma­ti­on about an exis­ten­ti­al cri­sis that affects ever­yo­ne? We firm­ly belie­ve that a short and high-qua­li­ty broad­cast for­mat on the cli­ma­te cri­sis is urgent­ly needed. 

What are the goals of the project?

The goal of KLIMA° vor acht is to encou­ra­ge TV sta­ti­ons to pro­du­ce inno­va­ti­ve, sci­ence-based and regu­lar cli­ma­te repor­ting and to broad­cast it in slots that reach as many peop­le as pos­si­ble. To help achie­ve our goal, we will pro­du­ce the first six epi­so­des of KLIMA° vor acht. This inclu­des the broad­cast con­cept, the selec­tion of topics, the edi­to­ri­al work and the com­ple­te pro­duc­tion pro­cess. Pre­vious attempts to con­vin­ce decisi­on makers via let­ters and a public peti­ti­on have not had the desi­red effect. KLIMA° vor acht will prac­ti­cal­ly demons­tra­te that it can be done. 

What will KLIMA° vor acht look like?

The six epi­so­des of KLIMA° vor acht will each be 3-5 minu­tes long. In terms of con­tent, we are inte­res­ted in com­mu­ni­ca­ting sci­en­ti­fic facts, repor­ting on cur­rent deve­lo­p­ments and put­ting new fin­dings into con­text. A dai­ly short for­mat could also whet people’s appe­ti­tes for a future worth living, show per­spec­ti­ves and approa­ches to solu­ti­ons and high­light the need for action. 

For the filming we use a pro­fes­sio­nal film stu­dio, which also takes care of the post-pro­duc­tion. The edi­to­ri­al team is sup­por­ted by experts from the sci­en­ti­fic com­mu­ni­ty. We will be gra­du­al­ly publi­shing the epi­so­des on popu­lar video plat­forms in the form of a short seri­es. Bey­ond the pro­duc­tion and “broad­cast” of the epi­so­des, KLIMA° vor acht runs a media cam­pai­gn pro­mo­ting the for­mat on other media outlets.

Who is behind KLIMA° vor acht?

To be able to rea­li­se the pro­ject, more than a dozen peop­le, many of them with roots in the cli­ma­te move­ment, came tog­e­ther as “Team KLIMA° vor acht in mid 2020. A crowd­fun­ding cam­pai­gn on Start­next was laun­ched to finan­ce the pro­ject. The fun­ding goal of €20,000 was reached in under four hours and fun­ding had near­ly dou­bled by the time crowd­fun­ding ended. To rea­li­se the pro­ject, we foun­ded a regis­tered non-pro­fit asso­cia­ti­on and, by 2021, the KLIMA° vor acht team had swel­led to more than 30 peop­le, all working on a vol­un­ta­ry, not-for-pro­fit basis.

How is the donated money used?

The KLIMA° vor acht bud­get will cover filming and pro­duc­tion cos­ts of the KLIMA° vor acht epi­so­des. Necessa­ry expen­ses, tra­vel cos­ts and reim­bur­se­ment of expen­ses for the pro­fes­sio­nal pre­sen­ters will also be cove­r­ed by the bud­get of the asso­cia­ti­on. Part of the fun­ding dona­ted to us will go towards our mul­ti­me­dia cam­pai­gn acti­vi­ties. All con­cep­tu­al, edi­to­ri­al and sci­en­ti­fic work is done by the KLIMA° vor acht team on a vol­un­ta­ry, non-pro­fit basis.

To get to know the peop­le behind KLIMA° vor acht, click here.

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